New Label Printing Machine ‘New Artline’

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2015년 June 15일
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New Label Printing Machine ‘New Artline’

BANGSUNG MACHINERY CO. (www.bangsung.co.kr; President Wansub Chang) has shown NEW ART LINE, its rotary intermittent label printing machine in “K-PRINT Week 2014” which was held in KINTEX, Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. (Aug. 27 ~ Aug. 30)

BANGSUNG MACHINERY CO. is a label printing machine manufacturer founded 1993 and NEW ART LINE enables user to print precisely and delicately by applying ULTRA-FINE CONTROL SYSTEM.

And its DIGITAL REGISTERING SYSTEM facilitates shorter printer setting hours without switching cylinder and VISION CONTROL SYSTEM reduces fraction defective through real-time inspection.

Furthermore, CYLINDER of Ø132 mounted on NEW ART LINE offers diversified print size. (Max. print size: 414.48mm)

Meanwhile, “K-PRINT Week 2014” is an exhibition that KOREA E&EX and KOREAN PRINTERS ASSOCIATION co-sponsor the show and many related organs and connected groups like MINISTRY OF CULTURE, SPORTS AND TOURISM, MINISTRY OF TRADE, INDUSTRY & ENERGY, KOTRA, KOREA FEDERATION OF PRINTING & INFORMATION INDUSTRY COOPERATIVES, KPITA, etc. support it.

And 76 domestic manufacturers of Korea and 232 companies of 26 countries inclusive of US, Germany, Japan and China take part in the exhibition and these show their own latest technologies and products.

AVING News, the global news network is a global media partner of the exhibition and delivers news of the exhibition center at home and abroad.

Plus, AVING News reports on some leading enterprises and their products & technologies via video broadcasting.

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