BSR Plus 250-Rewinder

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BSR Plus 300 6color+OC coating+Rewinder
2017년 June 29일

BSR Plus 250-Rewinder



Chase Dimensions: 250 X 250mm(Full 414.59mm)
Maximum Paper Width: 250mm
Maximum Printing Feeding: 250mm
Electric Power: 3Phases, 380V
Electric Power: 3Phases. 50/60Hz
Main Motor: 2.5Kw/color+6EA / 3.8Kw/color+1EA
UV Dryer: 4Kw/1Unit
Net Weight: Approx. 9,500 Kg
Machine Size: (L)4,500(W)1,300(H)1,750


1. Using Rexroth(made by Germany) servo system, more sophisticated, precise and faster printable
2. INLINE SYSTEM : Unwinder + Printing Unit + Varnishing Unit + Magnetic die-cutting Unit + Rewinder (Unit location adjustable by customer's request)
3. ULTRA-FINE CONTROL SYSTEM: More sophisticated print function available
4. 2 LINE 3 TOUCH ROLL SYSTEM: Free from ghost effect thanks to 3 bulit-in rolls
5. WEB GUIDE SYSTEM (EPC) : Paper feed function stabilized by preventing
6. AUTO TENSION SYSTEM : Paper feed function reduced paper loss
7. DIGITAL REGISTERING SYSTEM : Setting time shortened without switching cylinder
8. AUTOMATIC POSITIONING SYSTEM : Both of paper loss and setting time reduced
9. VISION CONTROL SYSTEM : Fraction defective reduced thanks to real-time inspection
10. Working hours shorten thanks to Rewinder & Magnetic die-cutter
11. Servo motor mounted on the rewinder and Unwinder, Paper unwinding and rewinding precision.
12. Printed size diversified thanks to cylinder of Ø132(Max.printed size : 414.69mm)
13. Opposite angle of cylinder - Resin plate attached - adjustable within range of 5~6mm
14. Coordination of printing units available(Optional by customers' various needs)
15. AUTO POSITIONING SYSTEM APPLICATIONS : Using a vision system camera, development of the ability to adjust the print focus itself.
16. Print focusing almost no change, regardless of the speed change

Neo Design Group


June 29, 2017


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