NEW ARTLINE 7 Color + Back Printing 1unit

NEW ARTLINE 6 Color + UV Coating 1unit
2015년 June 11일
NEW ARTLINE 7 Color + UV + Magnetic Die-Cutting
2015년 June 11일

NEW ARTLINE 7 Color + Back Printing 1unit


Chase Dimensions: 300/340mm (Full 414.48mm)
Maximum Paper Width: 310mm
Maximum Printing Feeding: 340mm
Electric Power: 3Phases. 220V/380V
Electric Power: 3Phases. 50/60Hz
Main Motor 2Kw/color+2EA
UV Dryer 4Kw/1Unit
Net Weight Approx. 9,500 Kg
Machine Size (L)8,000(W)1,200(H)1,650


1. INLINE SYSTEM: Unwinder + Printing unit + Varnishing unit + Magnetic die- cutting unit + Rewinder (Unit location adjustable by customer’s request)
2. ULTRA-FINE CONTROL SYSTEM: More sophisticated print function available.
3. 2 LINE 3 TOUCH ROLL SYSTEM: Free Ghost effect thanks to 3 built-in rolls
4. WEB GUIDE SYSTEM (EPC): Paper feed function stabilized by preventing rolling of paper side to side (Equipped on Unwinder)
5. DIGITAL REGISTERING SYSTEM: Setting time shortened without switching cylinder.
6. VISION CONTROL SYSTEM: Fraction defective reduced thanks to real-time inspection.
7. Working hours shorten thanks to Rewinder & Magnetic die-cutter.
8. Printed size diversified thanks to cylinder of Ø132(Max. printed size: 414.48mm)
9. Opposite angle of cylinder – Resin plate attached - adjustable within range of 5 ~ 6mm
10. Coordination of printing units available(Optional by customers’ various needs)

Neo Design Group


May 13, 2015


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