Auto Control

2015년 June 19일

New Label Printing Machine ‘New Artline’

BANGSUNG MACHINERY CO. (; President Wansub Chang) has shown NEW ART LINE, its rotary intermittent label printing machine in “K-PRINT Week 2014” which was held in […]
2015년 June 15일

BSR30 Video

Bangsung Machinery co.  Rotary BSR30 video.
2015년 June 15일

New Artline Option unit

Medium or printing unit (each unit making it possible to) Laminating, cold foil (Laminating unit, Cold foil unit) can be installed. (Option specifications)
2015년 June 15일

BS-4351 lmuh Video

The Department of Defense press BS4351 lmuh video work. Please contact us if you need video. We’ll update as soon as possible.